Snow Removal Services

Snow and Ice Removal ServicesThere’s No Business like Snow Business

Safety and service are our primary focus year round at H & M Landscaping.

Our clients rest easy both night and day knowing our team is on the job, ready for your snow-removal needs. Contact us for more information today.

H & M is committed to Environmental Responsibility

Calcium chloride has been a staple in our winter de-icing arsenal for over 10 years. We remain the prominent applicator of liquid calcium chloride in the area. This alternative to rock salt melts sidewalks down to cement quicker than normal deicing pellets. The residue remains in place continuing to work when salt becomes ineffective.

Unlike the more common sodium chloride (rock salt or halite), it is relatively harmless to plants and soil. It is also more effective at lower temperatures than sodium chloride.

We are one of the only companies in the county to offer snow services using  Ventrac and Snowrator compact machines. This unique device allows our trained crews to either broom or blow the snow from sidewalks and driveways without the harshness of traditional blowers, scrapers or snowblades.       ventracsnowrater

Check out these links and imagine how H&M can improve your winter:   Ventrac     Snowrator

Proud Members of SIMA

A national association, SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) is a group of committed snow professionals focused on delivering safety and integrity to the winter service industry. Our experienced snow removal team services Flint, Grand Blanc, Flushing, Swartz Creek, and surrounding Genesee County cities throughout Michigan.

H & M Landscaping’s membership is our determination to keep with our company’s goal of providing the finest service the industry offers.